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Confidentiality is one of our principles - regardless of whether in the pastoral work we carry out or other contacts.

If personal information has been submitted to us in any way on one of our FCDI domains or by email or in any other way, the following generally applies:

Data handling

We undertake to treat your data confidentially and not to pass it on to third parties, but only to use it for the purpose described!
We process all personal data in compliance with the Federal Data Protection Act, keep it secret and observe data protection secrecy in accordance with Section 5 BDSG.
For this reason we give no addresses of authors but only forward the request to the person concerned, even if this means more effort and longer processing time, for which we ask for your understanding!

Data storage

Data recorded in forms are stored in a database belonging to the website and are neither passed on nor given access to third parties. As usual and necessary, only our provider HostEurope (on which all FCDI domains are operated) and the FCDI administrator Rainer Jetzschmann have access.
Emails are either forwarded directly to the respective employees or temporarily buffered at the provider in the email system until they are picked up.
Cookies are not used at all. The only exceptions are private circle of friends areas for login.

Data deletion

A complete deletion of all data made (email contacts / form entries) can be requested from us.

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